Cyberpunk 2077 - It's finally happening, are we about to witness a revolution in gaming?

After 8 years and several postponements, finally in this 2020 to be forgotten, the most anticipated video game of recent years is about to come out, promising a revolution of the Open-World genre

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It’s been 8 years and several postponements, but it seems that it’s finally happening!!!

In this 2020 to forget the masterpiece by CD Projekt RED, the same producer of The Witcher 3, is about to be released; it seems, in fact, that we will be able to immerse ourselves in the city of Night City starting from 10 December 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 will be available immediately for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Stadia; and then receive a free upgrade for next generation consoles (Xbox S Series and PS5).

This is a game with all the credentials to revolutionize the open-world genre introduced by video games such as GTA, as well as being one of the first video games to massively support ray tracing technology which is a cornerstone of new generation video games.

As if that were not enough, and what is not trivial, it will be available dubbed in 14 languages!!! Sure, it will be seen if the dubbing is up to par, but it remains great news for players around the world. Additionally, to better support all these languages, it leverages on an artificial intelligence technology to lip-sync all supported languages.

This video game, with over 200 awards already before launch, simply promises quality; quality not only video and due to the enormous amount of content and details present in the video game, but also due to the different narrative paths that will arise from our choices.

Not to mention the degree of customization; this is immediately very high, in fact you can customize practically everything of your avatar; plus there is an extensive character upgrade system that gives us the ability to purchase various mechanical implants to make our life “smoother in Night City” until we get to the conquest of a rare chip that guarantees eternal life.

It goes without saying that, as in GTA-style video games, in Cyberpunk 2077 there is no fear of depicting nudity, violence and disturbing themes (not to mention the colorful language to say the least 😅); but all made for the sole purpose of showing a harsh and unrestrained reality.

The premises and expectations for this game are really very high, and to find out more we just have to peek at some reviews of those who have been invited to try the video game in preview; but beware of spoilers, because, due to the numerous postponements, some warehouses have already received the physical copy of the video game and it seems that some have been stolen as some videos have begun to come out on the net that spoil the first hours of the game.

So be careful if you do not want to ruin the plot waiting for the launch, in the meantime, below you can find a review of the video game derived from a preview of 4 hours (pay attention, there are some spoiler alert in the video).

And finally, if your gaming platform is the PC, obviously you can’t miss a look at the system requirements. Below is an image that is right for you, both for requirements with ray-tracing enabled (RT), and without.

Requisiti di sistema


The thing that frankly intrigues me the most is the multiplayer, but of course it won’t be part of the video game out on December 10th. The Online version is under development and could arrive no earlier than 2022 if not even in 2023; before the arrival of multiplayer, which promises to be similar to that of GTA Online, it is likely that we will see numerous free updates and some paid DLC expansions.

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To conclude, for the purchase of the digital edition for PC, in Europe, I recommend this website.

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